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Software that will detect plagiarism in your work - FREE!

You’ve spent weeks preparing your college or university essay, stressing over the citations and quotations; the last thing you want to do is hand it in with any unintentional plagiarised content in there.

Plagiarism is taken seriously and is a concern to all students.

Some ways plagiarism could enter your essays are: Download viper, our free alternative to Turnitin

  • Accidentally leaving in a source that you didn’t mean to
  • Paraphrasing a book or journal too closely
  • Purchased an essay and now you want to be certain it’s really original
  • Missing out punctuation in a citation

Viper is our very own free plagiarism detector. It allows you to detect plagiarism within your essay or dissertation, and it only takes a few minutes to complete!

Many plagiarism detectors on the market are run by companies looking to take advantage of your concerns about plagiarism, and make money from you through up-front payments and subscription fees. is different.

We’ll give you our Viper plagiarism scanner for free, and we’re constantly working to make it the best free plagiarism scanner available!

Still not sure? Check out why it’s so good below.

Why use Viper to detect plagiarism?

  • Viper is 100% free!
  • You can scan your work and detect plagiarism anywhere in the world, by simply downloading Viper from our website!
  • Viper produces plagiarism reports ultra fast!
  • Viper scans your work against billions of sources including books, Internet resources and journals!

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Viper vs. WriteCheck (Turnitin)

How do we compare?

Now you know what makes Viper great. But, how do we compare against Turnitin's WriteCheck? Have a look at our easy chart below to find out.

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